Everything you need to know about YouFibre in under two minutes.

YouFibre offer the fastest residential broadband in the country.

They provide this using their own network, run by their own engineers.

It’s not available everywhere yet but pockets of availability exist nationwide.

And if you’re lucky enough to live in one you should seriously consider joining.

YouFibre Broadband

YouFibre broadband needs to be installed by an engineer.

But this is a straightforward procedure.

And in almost all cases is free of charge.

There are four different broadband products to choose from:

You 150, You 1000, You 2000, You 8000

The numbers at the end correlate with the speed of the broadband in Mbps.

You 150 and You 1000 are similar speed wise to many other broadband products by other providers.

But YouFibre’s versions will often be very competitive price wise.

You 2000 is faster than the vast majority of other broadband products available.

And You 8000 is the real deal – the fastest residential broadband in the UK.

By some distance too.

All options are available with either a 24 month contract or no minimum term.

The no contract version usually costs slightly more.

For the duration of your term, the price of the broadband remains fixed.

This isn’t something most providers offer and is another nice feature.

The free router that YouFibre provides with their broadband is excellent.

And you can enhance its performance even further with optional extras.


YouFibre broadband is available with or without their home phone service – YouPhone.

If you want YouPhone, there is a choice of call plans to choose from.

That’s it, you’re done.

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