Everything you need to know about Asda Mobile in under two minutes.

Most people know about Asda’s supermarkets.

Indeed, many people buy most of their groceries from them.

What Asda are less known for is their mobile network.

Which like their supermarkets, offers a good range of products at good prices.

Asda Mobile Plans

Asda Mobile use the Vodafone network rather than having their own masts.

As such, Asda Mobile coverage is very similar to Vodafone.

The Asda Mobile plans consist of bundles.

Every bundle comes with unlimited UK calls and texts.

And an allowance of data.

The plans with higher data allowances also come with 5G.

5G is modern mobile technology that provides high connection speeds.

But unlike with some other providers.

The 5G speed with Asda Mobile is capped at 150 Mbps.

However, this is still fast enough for most people.

Asda Mobile have three bundles with unlimited data allowances.

The difference between them is the level of the speed cap.

With the three caps being 2 Mbps, 10 Mbps and 150 Mbps.

None of the Asda Mobile bundles have a minimum term.

So, you’re free to leave whenever you want.

One of Asda Mobile's best features is that you can use the bundles abroad in 46 destinations.

At no extra cost, albeit with a 5GB data allowance restriction.

Not many providers have a roaming service as good as that.

Asda Mobile Phones

Asda Mobile offer a range of phones to work with their plans.

There is a good selection to choose from.

Including models from Samsung and Apple.

There are options to pay either outright or to spread the cost over a 24 month term.

That’s it, you’re done.

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