Everything you need to know about giffgaff in under two minutes.

giffgaff are an increasingly popular mobile network.

This is because they keep things nice and simple.

Unlike some other networks they focus purely on mobiles.

And this ensures that they do them very well.

giffgaff Plans

Rather than have their own masts giffgaff use the O2 network.

Therefore, giffgaff coverage is very similar to O2.

giffgaff include 5G in all their plans for no extra cost.

5G is the latest mobile technology that provides high data speeds.

There are three types of giffgaff plan:

Goodybags, Golden Goodybags and 18 Month Plans.

All come with unlimited UK calls and texts.

Neither Goodybags nor Golden Goodybags have a minimum term.

So, you can leave whenever you like.

The difference between the two is that Golden Goodybags renew automatically.

All Goodybags and Golden Goodybags contain an allowance of data.

With a range to choose from that caters for all budgets.

The 18 month plans naturally have a minimum term.

But in return, you get slightly more data for your money.

A big feature is that all giffgaff plans include an EU roaming allowance.

This is relatively rare and great for when travelling abroad.

giffgaff Phones

Although giffgaff are best known for their plans.

They offer a good range of phones as well.

Including the latest from Apple and Samsung.

All phones purchased from giffgaff are unlocked.

So even if you change network later, they’ll continue to work.

You can purchase phones from giffgaff outright.

Or spread the cost over a 36, 24 or 12 month term.

That’s it, you’re done.

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