Everything you need to know about IQ Mobile in under two minutes.

IQ Mobile are different to most other mobile networks.

They’re a small team, wholly based in the UK, that provides a personal, specialist service.

This means that they are renowned for high quality.

And cater for specific requirements that are often missed by the larger networks.

IQ Mobile Plans

IQ Mobile use the EE network rather than having their own masts.

As such, IQ Mobile coverage is extremely like EE’s.

5G is included in all IQ Mobile plans for no extra cost.

This is the latest mobile technology that delivers high internet speeds.

Every IQ Mobile plan comes with unlimited UK calls and texts.

And there is a choice of different data allowances.

With IQ Mobile plans you pay for the first three months upfront.

Once this is over, the plans move onto a monthly basis.

There is no minimum term, so you’re free to leave whenever you want.

Phones from IQ Mobile

IQ Mobile offers a very limited range of mobile phones.

These phones are especially designed for use by older people.

With both smartphone and non-smartphone options.

All phones come ready to go with an IQ Mobile plan.


IQ Go isn’t a mobile phone but it does provide a mobile internet connection.

It connects with other devices such as laptops or tablets.

Allowing you to still use them online even whilst away from home.

It’s especially good for when you go on holiday.

Because not only can you use it across the UK.

You can use it in the EU too for no extra cost.

That’s it, you’re done.

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