Everything you need to know about italk in under two minutes.

italk are an uncomplicated provider.

That’s because they simply do broadband and home phone.

Nothing else.

So, they don’t get distracted by lots of bells and whistles.

italk Broadband

There are five types of italk broadband:

Simply Broadband, Fast Fibre, Superfast Fibre, Simply Fibre and Full Fibre.

All five have unlimited usage.

Full Fibre is the most modern and capable of the fastest speeds.

It is available at around 35% of homes and this is increasing all the time.

Fast Fibre and Superfast Fibre are different variations of the same product.

With obviously Superfast Fibre being a bit faster.

Despite the name, Simply Fibre is a slightly enhanced version of Superfast Fibre.

Simply Broadband is the most basic in their range but also has the lowest cost.

All italk broadband products are provided with a router free of charge.

And they all come with a 24 month contract.

With the price fixed throughout the entire term.

italk Home Phone

A landline is provided with some italk broadband products.

Whereas with others it’s available as an optional extra.

You can choose from a choice of call plans.

But you can no longer get an italk landline on its own without italk broadband.

That’s it, you’re done.

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