Everything you need to know about KCOM in under two minutes.

KCOM are an institution in Hull, they’ve provided the city's telecoms for over 100 years.

But today, they offer high speed broadband in addition to their classic landlines.

And they’ve spread beyond Hull, so that more places can benefit from their services.

This has improved broadband significantly across East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.

KCOM Broadband

Almost every property in Hull can get KCOM broadband.

In fact, for some it will be the only broadband you can get.

As you move beyond the city into the surrounding area, other providers become available too.

But KCOM often remains the best choice.

This is because they have a completely full fibre network.

Which is capable of very fast speeds.

Hull was even the first city in the UK to be entirely connected with full fibre broadband.

If you don’t require the very fastest broadband KCOM offer.

There are slower speeds available at lower prices.

But even these benefit from the reliability of full fibre.

All KCOM broadband deals are subject to a 24 month commitment.

And are provided with a free router.

Which you can enhance the performance of using optional extras.

KCOM Home Phone

A KCOM landline is included with all KCOM broadband products for no extra cost.

But there’s no obligation to use it unless you want to.

If you do want to use it, a range of call plans are available.

And if you don’t want broadband, you can get a KCOM landline all on its own.

That’s it, you’re done.

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