Everything you need to know about Lyca Mobile in under two minutes.

Lyca Mobile is the most popular network you’ve probably never heard of.

They have over 16 million customers… but spread over 22 countries.

Unsurprisingly, international calls and roaming are what they specialise in.

But they still offer great value even if you only use your phone in the UK.

Lyca Mobile Plans

Rather than have their own masts Lyca Mobile uses the EE network in this country.

Thus, their coverage is very similar to EE within the UK.

All Lyca Mobile plans include 5G for no additional cost.

5G is modern mobile technology that provides fast internet speeds.

There are lots of different types of Lyca Mobile plan.

Most come with UK calls, texts and data allowances.

Some plans allow you to use these allowances when roaming in selected other countries too.

A lot of Lyca Mobile plans include minutes you can use to call abroad from the UK.

The number of minutes and the countries you can call varies depending on the plan.

Most Lyca Mobile plans come without a minimum term.

But 12 month options are available too.

As are options where you can pay 3, 6 or 12 months upfront.

Lyca Mobile Phones & Accessories

The majority of Lyca Mobile customers just have a SIM.

But Lyca Mobile do sell phones as well.

You can pay for these upfront.

Or spread the cost using a choice of different finance options.

They also have a range of accessories that include smartwatches and headphones.

That’s it, you’re done.

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