Everything you need to know about O2 in under two minutes.

O2 were one of the first and remain one of the main mobile networks in the UK.

Throughout their history, they’ve often led the industry with new innovations.

Epitomised by being the first network to launch the iPhone.

Today, they’re continuing to lead the pack by offering other technology products alongside mobiles.

O2 Mobile

O2’s range of mobiles is amongst the largest around.

And as you’d expect, it includes the latest phones from Apple, Google and Samsung.

The O2 network is far reaching with over 99% of the UK population covered.

On top of this, their 5G service covers around 50% of the population.

5G is the fastest type of mobile connection you can get.

All O2 pay monthly plans always connect to the fastest speed possible – including 5G.

And include EU roaming for no extra cost.

O2’s top of the range tariffs are called Plus Plans.

These include international roaming in 75 destinations along with a few other extra features.

If you don’t require a new mobile O2 offer SIM only deals.

And there is a pay as you go option as well.

O2 Mobile Accessories

O2 offer a range of accessories that work with their mobiles.

These include headphones, smartwatches and chargers.

You can pay for them upfront – or monthly.

If you choose to pay monthly, they are simply added to the same bill as your O2 mobile.

Other technology products from O2

O2 have started to offer other types of technology too.

Again, you can pay for it monthly on your O2 mobile bill.

The most popular products include games consoles, VR headsets and laptops.

And of course, they offer ranges of tablets and mobile broadband too.


O2 and Virgin Media are part of the same company.

If you have a pay monthly mobile or SIM with O2 you get special deals with Virgin Media.

Conversely, if you have Virgin Media at home you get special deals with O2.

These special deals are called Volt.

The main Volt benefits are:

The data allowance on your O2 mobile is doubled.

The broadband speed on your Virgin Media package is increased.

If you already have the fastest Virgin Media broadband speed, you get a discount instead.

New customers automatically get Volt when they purchase a SIM and broadband together.

O2 Priority

O2 Priority is one of the best loyalty programmes around.

And all O2 customers get access to it.

It has many benefits often including free food, free drinks and discounted tickets to various places.

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