Everything you need to know about Plusnet in under two minutes.

Today, Plusnet are one of the most popular broadband providers in the country.

But originally, they were a niche provider used mainly by technical people.

During those early years they won a lot of awards for their high-quality broadband.

And now it’s available at very affordable prices.

Plusnet Broadband

There are three types of Plusnet broadband.

They are called Full Fibre, Fibre and Unlimited Broadband.

With all three you can use the internet as much as you like.

Full Fibre uses the most modern technology and is capable of the fastest speeds.

It is currently available in around 35% of UK homes and this is increasing all the time.

Fibre is available at around 57% of homes.

Unlimited Broadband uses the oldest technology and is the slowest of the three.

This is available at around 8% of homes.

Plusnet will always connect you to the best type of broadband available at your address.

Full Fibre and Fibre are provided with an excellent router for the price.

This is called the Plusnet Hub Two.

Plusnet Home Phone

Plusnet now only offer home phone to the 8% of properties that get Unlimited Broadband.

Fibre and Full Fibre do not have a landline option.

Plusnet Perks

Plusnet Perks is Plusnet’s loyalty programme.

All Plusnet customers get it free of charge.

The rewards vary but often include discounted meals out and cheaper subscription services.

From companies like tastecard and Audible.

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