Everything you need to know about Smarty in under two minutes.

Smarty are a mobile network that focusses entirely on SIM Only deals.

This sole focus means that they do them very well.

They have some unique products in their range too.

Such as plans that allow you to earn money back for data you don’t use.

Smarty Plans

Smarty use the Three network instead of having their own masts.

Consequently, Smarty’s coverage is closely akin to Three’s.

You get 5G with all Smarty plans for no additional fee.

5G is the most recent type of mobile technology that provides the fastest connectivity.

All Smarty plans come with no minimum term.

Meaning that you can leave whenever you like.

There are three types of Smarty plan:

Data Only, Voice, Data Discount

Data Only are for use with tablets or laptops that can take a SIM card.

Voice plans still have a data allowance, and you get unlimited UK calls & texts too.

With Data Discount plans you get money back for the data you don’t use.

Data Discount plans contain both unlimited minutes & texts and a data allowance.

A great Smarty feature is that you can use their plans in the EU for no extra cost.

Albeit up to a maximum of 12GB per plan, per month.

Smarty Group Plans

Technically, there is a fourth type of Smarty plan – The Group Plan.

This is when you have multiple SIMs on the same account.

Each user has a Voice, Data Discount or Data Only plan as above.

But each plan is discounted by 10%.

You can have between two and eight people on a Smarty Group Plan.

Great for couples or families.

That’s it, you’re done.

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