Everything you need to know about Three in under two minutes.

Three are the newest of the big four mobile networks.

There is a clue in the name, Three comes from 3G mobile technology of which they were the pioneer.

3G has now been superseded by 4G and 5G and although Three haven’t updated their name.

They’ve remained at the forefront of these new technologies too.

Three Mobile

Three have one of the biggest ranges of mobiles in the market.

Including the most recent models from Apple, Samsung and Google.

They don’t have quite the same level of coverage as their older competitors.

But the coverage they do have is of very high quality – consisting almost entirely of 4G & 5G.

And it still covers 99% of the UK population.

Three, funnily enough, have three types of pay monthly plan.

They are called Lite, Value and Complete.

All of them always connect to the fastest speed you can get wherever you are.

But with Value and Complete.

You get inclusive roaming passes that are useful when travelling abroad.

And a Paramount+ subscription.

If you don’t require a new handset, you can get the plans above on a SIM only basis.

Or if you don’t want to pay monthly at all, Three have a pay as you go offering instead.

Other products available from Three

Alongside their core mobile range Three also offer smartwatches, tablets, laptops and more.

And you can pay for these monthly rather than upfront.

They offer accessories that work with the mobiles in their range too.

These include chargers, headphones and cases.

Three Broadband

Three’s broadband offering is different to their competitors.

That’s because all their broadband is provided using their mobile network.

Rather than a fixed line connection.

There are both 4G and 5G variations of Three Broadband.

And Three automatically provide you with the one that would be best at your home address.


Three+ is a loyalty programme for Three’s mobile customers.

The rewards are varied and change regularly.

But often include discounted meals, presale tickets to in demand events and exclusive offers.

That’s it, you’re done.

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