Everything you need to know about Trooli in under two minutes.

Trooli are a high speed broadband provider that covers the South East.

If you can get their broadband, it will often be the fastest available at your property.

Their network is growing all the time and now stretches as far west as Wiltshire.

So, if you live in the South of England its worth checking if this high quality broadband is available.

Trooli Broadband

Trooli broadband needs to be installed by one of their technicians.

But there is no extra cost for this, and you can usually get an appointment quickly.

If your home has been connected to Trooli before.

Then you can get up and running in even less time.

There are a range of broadband speeds to choose from.

With solutions for all budgets and requirements.

All Trooli broadband deals are subject to a 24 month commitment.

And the price remains fixed for the entire term.

This is a nice feature that many broadband providers don’t have.

All Trooli broadband customers are provided with a good free router.

This is called the Trooli Premium Hub 2.

If you live in a large property, you can extend its range using signal boosters.

These are optional extras with the more basic plans and come as standard with the faster plans.

That’s it, you’re done.

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